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We offer many amazing products based on new and innovative technology. For more details, please check out our product catalog.

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IXEX Premium Spring Balance Shoes alleviates joint, hip and back pain with a patented spring technology. It is internationally recognized to aligned your body into the perfect walking posture with every step. Wear it all day for professionals who must stand all day to alleviate fatigue.

Airjet Shower Head

The TurboJet Showerheads saves up to 40% water with a guaranteed high pressure using our patented air intake technology. Ranging from luxury combo sets to durable single functions, all models have proven to save on utilities and still provide a comfortable, satisfying shower.

Super Wash Ball

Super Wash Balls are Customer Top Rated laundry balls which washes up to 1000 loads of laundry without any chemical detergent! All natural and allergen free, Super Wash Balls have been proven to work in several third party independent labs. If that's not enough, just ask the thousands of sceptics who are now devoted customers!

My Home Fireman has a patented technology which puts out ABC fires as effective as a full size fire extinguisher. Light and portable to enable functionality with only one hand. This little guy packs a lot of power which could prevent a disaster and save lives.

Super Wash Disc (Anti- Bacterial)

Super Wash Disks were developed based on the same bioceramic technology as the popular Super Wash Balls. The Disks themselves washes your dishes without any chemical detergent! It's a healthier and more economical way to do our dishes.

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