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JD Items has over 30 years of experience in the import/export and marketing industries. Our goal is to seek out innovative, new technologies and successfully introduce the products to the U.S. market. Our overseas network reach extends all the way from South Korea, to China, and to central Europe. Here at JD Items, we take pride in partnering up with only the most experienced factories, manufacturing top quality consumer commodities. Our job is to help mold great ideas and bring them from factory lines onto retail chain shelves.


JD Items is happy to announce that we have partnered up with a branch of the South Korean government named SMBA, or Small and Medium Business Association. This organization was started due to the start of the free trade policy between South Korea and the U.S. Most consumer commodities will be duty free, making South Korean technologies gain a competitive edge. JD Items acts as one of forty nine networking agents in the U.S. where we constantly research the pool of brillant inventions and new ideas coming from South Korea and introduce them to U.S. consumers. Our product line expands anywhere from luxury plumbing, to cleaning supplies, to small electronics, to beauty products, to custom jewelry and much more. Our 30 years of network experience has opened doors to countless distribution channels. Where some agents will take a month to get a product to the buyer's desk, it only takes us a few days.


Our constant search for better products is due to our dedication to help consumers live a healthier and better life. Our main goal has always been to bring a better choice to consumers and we show our dedication with the amazing products we have successfully launched here in the U.S. JD Items will continue to dedicate our work for the consumers. Follow us and check back frequently for amazing product updates.


Please visit our PRODUCTS page to see our current line of innovative and extraordinary products, most of which are Customer Top Rated!!

Certified Consultant of The Korean goverment SMBA

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